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Shiro Bonsai

DIY Bonsai Soil Pack 10L

DIY Bonsai Soil Pack 10L

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The Shiro Bonsai DIY Soil Mix is custom created to specifically give you a coarse grade mix for good drainage, as well as a bonsai bark for your organic medium. These 2 bags can be mixed in different ratios depending on your specific tree type.

The mix has been wash and sieved to 3mm sized particles, making it ready to use straight out of the bag.


  • 70% Pumice - Locally sourced from Matamata, New Zealand. It’s a Coarse grade that helps with drainage as well as holding some level of moisture within the soil.
  • 30% Scoria - Locally sourced from Taupo, New Zealand. This comes in a fine grade what helps to promote fine root growth as well as being able to hold large amounts of moisture in the soil encouraging root growth.
  • Bonsai Bark - Locally sourced radiata pine bark


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