Robert Allaway grew up in South Africa and has a degree in finance, leading to over a decade of experience in Auditing, Finance and Project management. 2020 presented itself with an opportunity to further explore his love of nature and unlock his creative mind with the discovery of bonsai.

The company, Two Islands Bonsai was born in 2021 and at the helm of it, Robert continues to learn, explore and practice all things Bonsai. Having discovered his passion for native trees he continues to pursue and practice techniques to explore these trees as his core focus.

Join us for an immersive experience in the art of bonsai styling.

  • Workshop Demo: Sat 27, April 2024

    Led by Robert Allaway, this 2 hour long seated demonstration delves deep into the world of bonsai styling. In this comprehensive session, Robert will share insights, techniques, and secrets acquired through his practice.

    This demo runs from 1PM - 3PM at 121 Brighton Mall, New Brighton (Kusamono Café).

  • Hands-On Workshop: Sun 28, April 2024

    A hands on bonsai workshop, hosted by Aaron from Shiro Bonsai & Robert Allaway from Two Island Bonsai.

    Bring a tree along to work on & have guided help from both artists.

    This demo runs from 9AM - 12PM at 121 Brighton Mall, New Brighton (Kusamono Café).