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Shiro Bonsai

Bonsai Soil Inorganic Mix 5L

Bonsai Soil Inorganic Mix 5L

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The Shiro Bonsai Soil Inorganic Mix is custom created to specifically give you a coarse grade mix for good drainage, while holding a level of moisture in the soil.

The mix has been wash and sieved to 3mm sized particles, making it ready to use straight out of the bag.


  • 70% Pumice - Locally sourced from Matamata, New Zealand. It’s a Coarse grade that helps with drainage as well as holding some level of moisture within the soil.
  • 30% Scoria - Locally sourced from Taupo, New Zealand. This comes in a fine grade what helps to promote fine root growth as well as being able to hold large amounts of moisture in the soil encouraging root growth.


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