Our Workshops & Open Days

What's included in the workshops?

At Shiro Bonsai's Bonsai Workshop, you'll be guided by our seasoned Bonsai artist, Aaron Curtis. Depending on what workshop you chose, you'll be walked through the facet of Bonsai craftsmanship, from the delicate art of selecting the perfect tree to the intricate process of sculpting its serene beauty. You'll gain fresh insights, master essential techniques, and leave with the confidence to nurture your very own Bonsai masterpiece.

Who are the workshops for?

Our workshops are designed to cater to all skill levels, ensuring that both beginners and seasoned gardeners leave with a newfound understanding of Bonsai.

How can I book my spot?

You can book your spot below by clicking 'schedule your time' and choosing at available slot. Our spots are limited so we encourage you to secure your spot now!

How can I attend an open day?

We hold open days every Saturday between 9am-10am. Just come on down to 58 Carnarvon Street, Christchurch and see our bonsai in person. See you there!

Open Days

Every Saturday 9-10am

Come by, chat bonsai & view our wide range of products


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  • "Aaron is just nice and seeing and understanding his work was fun and valuable. It was good to have guidance for my first attempt in wiring and creating a semi-cascade style. Thank you! It was fun and interesting and I am happy with the tree I took home.Ngā mihi nui."
    -Markus (Atlas Cedar Beginners Workshop)

  • "Very helpful and friendly helped with all the questions I had and it's also cool to see all your bonsai at different stages around the outside of your house. Definitely worth signing up for a class or just going down on an open day to see it all."
    - Matthew (Juniper Bonsai Workshop)

  • "Great information, very informative. And I love the new look of my manuka starter."
    - Marlene (Manuka Workshop)

  • "Aaron is very knowledgeable, he explained every thing he did and why. It was very enjoyable"
    - Margrit (Himalayan Cedar Workshop)